Group Size Estimator
Build Date - 5/31/2024 7:00 PM
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Group Size Estimator

Welcome to the Group Size Estimator. This tool was designed for users who need to know whether a certified provider is in violation of child care certification rules. If you are a first time user of the Group Size Estimator, please read the brief description below. The tutorial, also below, will help you enter the day care schedule and guide you to the results page

NOTE: The allowable number of children for child care licensing differs considerably from certification rules. This tool cannot be used to determine if a licensed provider is complying with the licensing rules.

The Group Size Estimator is a tool that will help the user to understand when a certified provider’s day care schedule may be in violation of the State of Wisconsin child care certification rules. A child's day care schedule can be entered for any hour of the day and for any day of the week. Once the weekly schedule has been entered, the submit button will take you to a results page. The results page will contain a summary of all the children in care for a particular week. The results page will also include the total amount of hours a child is cared for in a day. If the provider is in violation for any day of the week, an error message will appear that day. Simply view the schedule for that day and the application will take you back to the requested day with a detailed list of violations.
When you are ready to begin, please select "Start Group Size Estimator".
1) Select Start Group Size Estimator to begin your session.
2) You will be taken to the Monday input screen. Here you can create your child care schedule. Click "New Child" to begin. Enter the child's name, whether the child is related to you, whether the child is a resident in the same home as you, and the child's age. Once that is complete, enter the hours that the child attends the day care center by clicking "More Hours". Enter when the child arrives, and when the child leaves. If the child is present for multiple sessions on that day, click "More Hours" again.
Helpful Hints
  • To add another child, simply click on "New Child".
  • To edit a child's information, click the pencil icon in the row for that child on the right side of the screen. Check any other days where the child is listed that you want to have updated with the changes you make, then click "Done".
  • To remove a child, click on the trash can in the row for that child on the right side of the screen.
  • To remove hours for a child, click the trash can in the green box next to the in and out times you wish to delete.
  • To edit hours for a child, click the pencil icon in the green box next to the in and out you wish to edit.
  • To go to the next day, click the right arrow next to the name of the day.
  • To go to the previous day, click the left arrow next to the name of the day.
  • To copy a day's schedule to another day, a full week, or all weekdays, select the "Copy Schedule To" drop down box, then click copy.
  • If a child is under the age of 1, enter 0 for the age of the child.

3) Once the weekly child care schedule is complete, select the "Submit" button. This will generate the results page.